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Characteristics: These little pests can be found in the dark warm places of the home. They have a very unique tapered shape and can appear to be very flat. The most noticeable feature of the Silverfish besides their color of silver is the three tails found at rear.

Silverfish are drawn to the dry starchy substances commonly found in pantries. This explains why they might also be found in the pages of old stored books as the printing material used in these items (also found in magazines) becomes a food source to the wandering Silverfish. Amazingly, Silverfish can live for months without eating.

Silverfish bodies are covered with flexible and slippery scales that protect the insect from capture from larger insects such as spider. This body covering also allows them to neatly fit within the pages of a closed book and feed. General length of these creatures comes in at about 9mm to 13mm in total length.

Another interesting facet about these critters is in the time that they take to mature. Southern Silverfish can see adulthood in 24 months whereas Northern-based Silverfish will take longer. No doubt this is due to the warmer temperatures commonly found in the Southern states.

General Adult Size (Length):
10mm to 12mm (0.39in to 0.47in)

Indentifying Colors: silver, gray



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