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Bug Problems

With so many different types of pesky—and dangerous—pests trying to move in with you, a basic treatment will only hide your problem. For your home to be truly pest free, a pest-control company must be willing—and able—to treat all nesting zones. HomeShield treats all areas of intrusion with every treatment—not only killing the bugs you see, but also preventing them from re-infesting your home. Other methods of treatment commonly used will leave your home, food, family and property vulnerable to multiple infestations.

The HomeShield Protection Plan

Inspection:  All HomeShield Protection Plans begin with an inspection by a certified HomeShield technician.  They will survey all problematic areas- points of entry, the garage, the interior and exterior to formulate a customized service plan that will eradicate pests from your home- for good. 

Initial Service: HomeShield’s most significant effort takes place on the Initial Service.  The mission: to drive all established pests from the home and set up a protective, perimeter shield to keep all future pests at bay.   A specialized technician will treat the interior of the home, including attics and garages, with the safest, most effective products on the market.  All entry points, nesting areas, and pest travel areas will be meticulously attended to inside the home, leaving the pests with no shelter or refuge within your walls. 

If pests can’t touch your home, they won’t be in your home.  The exterior treatment plan is the fundamental method of keeping bugs away from your home, family and loved ones.  This plan treats critical bug nesting areas and entry points around the foundation of the home, windows, doors, patios, porches, eaves, and weepholes.  To expand the protective, perimeter shield around your home, HomeShield technicians apply a granule protection along areas of the foundation and yard where there is a lot of moisture and pests tend to nest.  Further, any unsightly spider webs, wasp nests and other pest nesting materials will be removed, leaving the home looking clean, kept and new. 

Routine Services:  Just like evil, pests never rest.  That’s why HomeShield treats the home year round to guarantee that you and your family will enjoy the bliss of a bug-free lifestyle at home.  The beauty of the HomeShield Protection Plan is its simplicity.  The HomeShield Initial Service evicts all pests from your home and establishes a protective shield.  Like all pest control products, the green products that HomeShield uses eventually deteriorate.  To maintain the integrity of that shield, a HomeShield technician will reapply all exterior treatments on a bi-monthly basis.  Because routine services are exterior only, you don’t have to be there.  Our work schedule will never conflict with yours. 

If pests somehow gain entry to your home in between regularly scheduled services, call us and a technician will be sent to your home as soon as possible to retreat, for free.  It’s the bug free guarantee. 

HomeShield's Organic Products

Click [ here ] to learn more about HomeShield's safe, effective, and organic products.

100% Money Back Guarantee

HomeShield guarantees that pests will no longer be an issue inside your home.  If you see any pests inside your home, call us and a technician will be sent to your home as soon as possible to retreat, for free.  If you are still not satisfied with your service, we will refund your last payment to you.




100% Guarantee


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