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Brown Recluse


Characteristics: Violin Spiders - more commonly known as the Brown Recluse Spider - are generally found to the southern states and west to California. These spiders inhabit loose piles of debris or - if indoors - in furniture and folded clothing. Identifying features of the Brown Recluse Spider include a brown-to-gray abdomen, yellow or orange coloring present on the legs, and an orange-to-yellow cephalothorax with what seems like a violin-like pattern.

Their venom is poisonous to humans. They tend to strike when disturbed or threatened by humans. The wound will develop a crusty-like look and feel, surrounded by patches of redness and irritation. Though this crust eventually falls off, it leaves behind would could be considered a deep crater-like shape which may not heal for a period of months. Needless to say, if you even think you suffered a bite from a Brown Recluse, seek medical attention immediately.

General Adult Size (Length):
7mm to 10mm (0.28in to 0.39in)

Indentifying Colors: orange, yellow, brown, gray





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